Today I did some work on my kickstarter page (hoping to go live in January)
Kaiami (of Cat Sudoku, Cat Rescue and Cleocatra fame) turned my two babies into the adorable versions you see and URi Crystal Kim has been doing all of the wonderful treasures for my game.
I spent most of the day playing around in Photoshop with the assets I currently have to make a first draft of the campaign, I’d love your thoughts (Please be kind, I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch)

Preview link is 



I’ve gotten quotes for production, but not the INCO term I’m looking for, so I need another estimate for the shipping to the warehouse to ensure that the price I have put on the pledges covers all of those costs and makes enough margin to cover replacements etc.
This will be my first project but the team at Half-Monster Games are supporting me with their new label Ink & Gumption, so I’m excited and a bit relieved in knowing I don’t need to do *quite* as much research relating to fulfilment than I would normally.

I would be so grateful if people were to join my


to follow along and show their support/interest so I have an idea of it’s reception. 


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