Well, I’ve been very interested in Tabletop Games for the last few years and wanting to get more into the industry. Covid hit and my hours at work were cut. I started volunteering to upload friends’ games into Tabletop Simulator to help pass the time and then I was given an amazing opportunity to work with Half Monster Games. So I registered my business so I could work as a contractor and here you have Katzenspiel Solutions. I’ve been privileged to already start working alongside many wonderful games companies as well as local designers, check our their pages HERE

You may wonder at the name? I run a boardgames group and do a lot of events at my house, which I have named ‘House of Cards… and Cats’ which is just too long of a business name. I also am quite interested in the German language so I played around with a few varietals and finally settled on Katzenspiel Solutions.  It basically translates out to Cat Games. I love games and I love cats, so this seemed like a great choice for me .


My game ‘Kleptokittens!’ is live on Kickstarter and headed towards it’s first stretch goal, please join us!