Cat Sudoku – TTS version


Digital version is on the Steam Workshop as a friends only Mod for TTS. You must have Tabletop Simulator (TTS) in order to play.

You can see more information about the mod here





Roll for Kyoto is a 20-minute 1 to 6 player roll-and-write game. It comes with four unique cat puzzles (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) on three different levels. Using a wild number selection mechanic, players simultaneously place four numbers per round. When everyone completed their puzzle, the game ends. Players score other’s puzzles and deduct points for duplicate numbers in rows and columns PLUS repeating diagonal numbers. The player with the highest victory points wins the game.


This version also includes a Cleocatra level as well as Roll for the Clouds.

Please note, the online version does take longer as you can’t physically ‘write’