Hey everyone, hope you’re gearing up for a lovely holiday period.

Quick note to say that Trust Me, I’m a Doctor is back in stock, as well as a couple of new games, Virtual Reef Diver and Oom-Pah! Great for Christmas gifts and a wonderful way to support local businesses (in case you’re wondering, I only keep a little cut, so the creators get more)

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, don’t forget to look at my Community page for other local businesses to support too. Share the love, lift everyone up.

Today I did some work on my kickstarter page (hoping to go live in January)
Kaiami (of Cat Sudoku, Cat Rescue and Cleocatra fame) turned my two babies into the adorable versions you see and URi Crystal Kim has been doing all of the wonderful treasures for my game.
I spent most of the day playing around in Photoshop with the assets I currently have to make a first draft of the campaign, I’d love your thoughts (Please be kind, I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch)

Preview link is 



I’ve gotten quotes for production, but not the INCO term I’m looking for, so I need another estimate for the shipping to the warehouse to ensure that the price I have put on the pledges covers all of those costs and makes enough margin to cover replacements etc.
This will be my first project but the team at Half-Monster Games are supporting me with their new label Ink & Gumption, so I’m excited and a bit relieved in knowing I don’t need to do *quite* as much research relating to fulfilment than I would normally.

I would be so grateful if people were to join my


to follow along and show their support/interest so I have an idea of it’s reception. 


This morning I had the real pleasure of joining the guys at the Dice Men Cometh and Marc from Grand Gamers Guild to talk about his recently (VERY) successful Kickstarter for Endangered: New Species and what else is in his pipeline and about how the work that I do can benefit creators.

You can listen to the podcast here


If you’ve been watching my facebook page, you may have seen a couple of sneaky product posts slip through.

Well officially, I have a little shop on the site now. It will be selling digital products I’ve worked on, physical copies of games I’ve worked on (when available), extra copies of Kickstarters I’ve nabbed as well as games of Australian Designers I’ve worked with.

You can check out the store page here, I think it is running smoothly, but please bear with me if you come across any hiccups (I will be happy to work with you to sort it out)

Below are two products currently online.




You guys obviously have figured out by now that I’m a cat lady. I upload and digitise games for other companies and I try my best to offer really cool value add for all of my clients. 

Did you know that I also have a couple of my own games brewing around in my head? Well, here is the first of them, Kleptokittens! This is a memory game, with a push your luck element. There isn’t really any player interaction (other than if you want to ‘help’ each other) so it’s good if you want to have an easy filler or play something with the kids that is only competitive in the sense that the most points win at the end, you’re not messing with each other.

This is currently on TTS , I’d love to know what you think about it.

I hope to eventually make a physical version when I know there is some call for it.